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 PsyberGaming's FailCast live talk show!

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PostSubject: PsyberGaming's FailCast live talk show!   Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:54 pm

The PsyberGaming FailCast is a community talk show which directly relates to the regular cast of PC Gamers which are always looked over when they are trying to get information on news and how it affects them. They try to bring the issues on current gaming and try to relate these issues as how they affect the general gaming community as compared to the professionals and the "elite" leaders of gaming communities.

The show is hosted by three very different types of people. The first host is XGuju, owner of PsyberGaming and leader of the G-Fam clan. The second host is TurdS, , Quake3 coder/mapper, COD4 toolwriter, musician, and etc. The third host is MadDog, a programmer and coder who has studied extensive amounts of topics on IT and is currently one of the senior admins at Soldiers of Death.

The talk show will happen ever Wednesday from 9-11p.m. Eastern Time. If you want to watch the show, simply go to They will try to maintain several methods to talk to them, they will be on xfire, irc at #psybergaming, and they are hoping to use a voice chat program which will be instituted in the future.

Try to visit them at for previous shows and recordings of the FailCast as well as a small preview for next week's show!
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PsyberGaming's FailCast live talk show!
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